6 Stupidly Simple Techniques to Boost Your Pick Up Game This Weekend




As a general rule of thumb it takes the average male approximately 3 months to get really good with women if he consistently gets out of the house and practices a variety of approaches.  I recommend making no less than 25 approaches per week.  It’s simple math really, the more approaches you make, irregardless on how many mistakes you make, you are going to get better.  But every man is different.  If you’re incredibly shy then you might want to spend just one week saying “hi” or “what’s up?” to one woman per day.  Then in the second week start making approaches and then adding one or two extra approaches per day.  But the simple concept of mastery starts with massive action for massive results.


Approaching women that you do not know is only a small part puzzle of the entire pick up game. There are a lot of nuances and subtleties that can only be learned by taking action, consistently.  But here are some great tips that you can start using right now and see a solid impact by the next coming weekend.


  1. Focus On What You Can Control – Too often I see men worry about things they have little or no control over. For example, I hear a lot of men  Hair transplantation in turkey complain about their height.  “I’m too short” or “I’m too tall”, when in reality, height isn’t the most important quality women are attracted to (despite what you may have read or heard).  I see men starting to lose hair and spend oodles of money on hair pieces or hair transplants.  Yet some of the most successful pick up artists and dating coaches in the world are bald.  Personality plays a huge part on attracting women.  So don’t get bogged down on things you have little or no control over.  If you need to lose weight, then do it.  If you need to improve the way you dress, do it.


  1. Attend Social Events And Venues And Observe – “I don’t like meeting women in bars or night clubs” is a phrase I hear often. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret of mine.  I also don’t like meeting women in bars and night clubs, yet I’ve done it and do it every now and then.  Here’s why I bring this up.  You can learn a lot by simply going out to bars, clubs, organized parties, private parties, festivals, food fairs, etc. and observing how men and women interact.  You can learn a lot by simply observing and it actually takes the pressure of you because you’re not forcing yourself ot interact yet.  Spend a couple of weekends going out to places you normally wouldn’t go out and simply observe what you see and make mental notes.  Bring a friend if you’d like.


  1. Write Down Your Plan Of Action – This one is critical. If you do not write down what you plan on doing you are not serious enough about learning how to meet and interact with attractive women.  Many years ago, when I first got serious about learning how to meet women, I wrote down that I was going to approach one hundred women in one month.  Guess what happened?  I went to a large amusement park and approached 100 women in one weekend!  And the side effect was that by the time Sunday night rolled around, I had increased my game by at least 400%.  So write down what you plan on doing and also jot down a date on when you are going to accomplish it.


  1. Approach. Approach. Approach. – One of my mentors once told me “you miss 100% of the shots you do not take” and I took that philosophy to heart. No matter how many books, DVDs, or seminars you watch, you will not get better at picking up women until you start approaching them.  You might be wondering what do you say to them.  Like, how in the heck do you start a conversation while waiting in line at the super market?  Or how do you start talking to someone who is with a group of people?


Here’s one technique that will help you.  Start reading a lot.  What I mean is that if you read a few magazine articles from a wide variety of topics, you’ll have more than enough topical material to start conversations with women.  I started conversations in Las Vegas recently by simply walking up to women and asking them if they knew what a “soul finder” was.  They didn’t so then I would explain that a soul finder was a person who had the ability to gaze into people’s souls.  The next thing I knew, women were asking me to “gaze” into their eyes (that’s how I would tell them that’s how I could look into their souls.”


Approaching women is the heart of learning how to do pick up.


  1. Make It A Point To Make Mistakes – This might sounds strange, but honestly, the more mistakes you make the faster you are going to learn. Which is why people think I’m a little weird when I walk up to a group of girls and get blown out.  I get excited!  Why? Because I just learned something new.  This holds true whether you’re starting out or a pick up veteran.  So get out there and make a ton of mistakes, in about 1 to 3 months you’re going to wonder why you were even afraid of approaching women.


  1. Make New Friends – It’s already been proven time and time again that the people you hang out affect the way you think. If you have friends that are not very social, are couch potatoes, play too many video games, or just don’t leave the house very often, then it’s time to make new friends.  Personally, I find female friends invaluable assets because they can help you pull and meet other women.  One of the quickest ways I expanded my social circle  Hair transplantation turkey was to go out, meet new people (both men and women) and invite them to my house for “happy hour” or for a “social mixer”.  I even hosted theme parties where I got my friends to chip in.  Within a couple of months I had expanded my social circle by ten fold.  Do not underestimate this powerful technique.


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